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Distributions vs. Reasonable Compensation

Corporate Taxes

Taxpayers who fully own or partially own an S-Corp and work for the corporation have two ways of pulling money out of the corporation. They can take money out as wages which would be compensation, or they can take a distribution from the company. Taxpayers who are involved with these entities

1% Excise Tax on Corporate Stock Buyback

New Tax Guidelines

Stock buybacks are a common corporate strategy to boost stock prices and increase shareholder value. A significant amount of buybacks take place in the United States, where companies have historically been able to use their own money or borrow funds at low-interest rates. In 2021


Personal Taxes

Being Self-employed has some great benefits but one of the best is the retirement options. While most taxpayers only have the standard Traditional or Roth IRA options self-employed taxpayers have three additional ones. Simplified Employee Pension (SEP IRA), Savings Incentive Plan.

Q2 Market Update

Financial Market

Stocks and bonds both retreated in the third quarter, respectively reducing and reversing year-to-date gains. A September stock sell-off more than offset gains from the prior two months, with the ACWI world stock index posting a 2.7% quarterly loss after a 4.3% drop in the final month. Modest bond losses in the

What is a Deduction?

Personal Taxes

When tax season comes around people love to talk about deductions. Tax deductions, put in the simplest way, are items that lower your taxable income and therefore lower your tax liability. Contrary to what some people mistakenly think a deduction is not a direct reduction of the taxes owed. A tax credit is an

Estimated Payments

Personal Taxes

In our income tax system, you are supposed to pay income tax on the income when you earn it. This means you are supposed to